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Title: russian NICHOLAS II book HISTORY of RUSSIA
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Size: 11.75” x 5.5” x 0.75", over 100 pages.



Printed in St. Petersburg in 1902. More than 80 illustrations. The name is “HISTORY of RUSSIA in portraits by 100s years ”. This book is a chronicle from the first ever mention about Russia, when 3 brothers from Variag’s Land (north of Baltic Sea, where tribe under name RUSSI lived), were invited to rule tribes who live where Russia is now. That was the year 862 and the brothers ruled the tribes under name RURIKS until 1613, when Romanov’s took the Throne over . The chronicle reviews every 100 years with accurate dates, images of rulers, Czars, illustrations, maps and brief descriptions about every ruler. The book was distributed in needs to raise money for War invalids. Everything is intact. Excellent condition. Authenticity guaranteed. We DON'T accept CREDIT CARDs. All payments from NY State or NYC must include 8.25% Tax, unless you fill out a SIGNED NY State Tax Exempt Form. Buyer pays shipping/handling and insurance $10.00.
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