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Title: Russian Icon Duke Feodor and his 2 Sons ca 1900
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Size: 36 cm x 31.3 cm



A hand painted over a tiny leaf of gold extremely rare subject icon ca 1900.
The icon divided in 2 parts. The upper part represents very famous man Chernyi, Feodor Rostislavovich Duke of one of the oldest Russian cities Yaroslavl and his 2 sons David and Constantine.
The lower part is representing the members of the family who ordered the icon to be painted.

Feodor R. Chernyi had a very adventures life. In 1260 he married on a daughter of Duke of Yaroslavl by name Vasilyi and after tat become the Duke of Yaroslavl.
A son by name Mikhail was born. Soon his wife died and his son was brought up by his mother in law who run the city of Yaroslavl when Feodor was often absent fighting with neighbors and sometimes helping the Tartars who occupied Russia at that time and request Russians to help in their wars.
The Tartars liked Feodor a lot fore his bravery. It happened that the mother in law took a full control over the Yaroslavl because Feodor was absent too long and when he come back he was rejected by the people of the city.
There was no place for him to go and he wants back to the Tartars who were very glad to his return and he became a husband to a daughter of a very powerful man among Tartars khan Mengu-Temir.
From that marriage he had the sons David and Constantan who are on icon.
Feodor had a very big influence on Tartars and did a lot for welfare of Russian Church.
Even some tartars became Christians.
Meanwhile his oldest son from the first marriage was ruling the city of Yaroslavl however died before time and Feodor returned to the city and became the ruler.
He had done a lot for the nation and his glory was thundered all over Russia.
He and his sons were much venerated by Russian people and Feodor became a monk before his death.
After the death of his sons all Russians started to venerate the family and in year 1463 all 3 of them were elevated in holy orders of saints.

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