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Title: Russian Icon Bishop Saint Iosaaf (Joseph) from Belgorod 19th cent in Orig. Kiot
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Size: 35 cm x 39 cm kiot, 22.5 cm x 27 cm icon




1911: Canonization of Bishop St Joseph of city Belgorod, Russia, took place in 1911.
Below is the computer address (just copy and paste) of the Cathedral of st. Joseph of Belgorod

As a settlement Belgorod was mentioned for the first time in 1237, but the exact date of establishment is unknown. N.M. Karamzin, the historian, thinks it was in 1593, so this is a s.c. official foundation date.
That time the city was a fortress, which defended Russian lands from Crimean Tatars. Contemporary Belgorod is a large transport center and a last halting point on the way to Ukraine.
The city is situated on a flank of a s.c.Belaya (White) Mountain, on the right bank of the Northern Donets river. There is not much left form the former building.
The cathedral is very grand.
A five-domed Transfiguration cathedral, where hallows of St. Joseph Belgorodsky are kept, was erected in 1820 . External decoration is made in festive classical style.
Belgorod is the first city, where a monument to fallen in Afghanistan has been put up. Besides memorial, it has architectural value. Semi-columns of the monument look like Afghani Mountains, and a bell above symbolizes the war. The list of fallen is on the internal side of the columns.
The Second World War history is closely connected with Belgorod. The museum diorama The Kursk Battle reminds of it.
Belgorod is a large city, where ancient monuments stay alongside with modern blocks. There are shallow streets and wide prospectuses. Visiting this wonderful city, you will get acquainted with its interesting history.
Ancients buildings match unique monuments of today as nowhere else there.

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