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Item Number:   1752

Title: Russian Silver Enamel Icon Kazan Mother Maria 1877 Russia
Price: Available on Request SOLD
Size: 7" x 8 3/4" (17.8 cm x 22.3)



The 84 zolotniks standard (875 silver) silver gilded oklad and cloisonne enamel halo of Mother Maria of Kazan was made by the unidentified maker in Moscow in 1877.
The Image of the icon was hand painted over a wooden panel in 1877 by the Moscow iconographer.
The paper label on the left side on the back of the icon is illegible to read. The silver enamel nameplate under the icon with the engraved blue enamel letters is 30+ years later addition and according to the assayer mark (woman's head, which is up side down) was made 1908-1917 by another jeweler.
There is nothing wrong with it. Something happend with the original nameplate, it was lost during some event or was damaged and the new one was ordered.
The silver gilded oklad has wear to the gilding. The icon was professionally cleaned and received a layer of protecting lacquer. Shipping, Handling & Insurance are additional.
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