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Item Number:   325

Title: Mstera School
Price: $6,500.00 SOLD
Size: 12 x 10.25 x 1



This is an outstanding museum quality piece, for those who really have enough taste and eye for the best icons of the beg. of 20th century.
Enjoy, if you can apprehend it.
The icon is hand painted in kovcheg on a cypress wooden board in 1915 and signed by the artist A.G.Smekalkin.
Very few icons are sign.
And if they signed, they are real master pieces.
Only high quality icons, for rich people, were made of such expensive by that time wood.
Every thing shows that it is not an ordinary piece.
The Iconography looks very much like Mstera, the most favorite by Nicholas II family, school.
There is a small crack of wood (not going through) on right lower part, but it is difficult to see. , because it is on white border ornament.

The saints from left to right are: St. Ann, Arch. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. Nina. Shipping, insuranse is $35 for US, for other countries is different.
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