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Title: Latvian Latvias Latvijas armijas Military Badge 1919-1920 Russian
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Latvian Army 2. Cesis Infantry Regiment (23.03.1919.-08.07.1919.), Or 5 Cesis Infantry Regiment (07.08.1919.-08.1940.) - Latvian Armed Forces during the Latvian War of Independence, established in Tartu, 1919 23 . March 1 Valmiera Infantry Reserve Battalion and 27.03. distributed as a separate unit. Commanders:

Lieutenant Colonel K. Berkis (23.03.1919.-15.07.1919.) Captain K.Pencis (15.07.1919.-01.04.1920.) Lieutenant Colonel J.Liepiņš (04.01.1920.-08.1921.) Colonel F.Virsaitis (12.07.1921.-21.06.1934.) Colonel Ž.Bahs (28.07.1934.-21.05.1936.) Colonel P.Hasmanis (28.05.1936.-12.22.1937.) Colonel A.Tone (22.12.1937.-11.29.1939.) Colonel Ž.Briesma (29.11.1939.007.1940.)

Reserve battalions supplemented by the Estonian army in the occupied northern parishes mobilized, Latvian prisoners of war and deserters from Estonia LSPR army until 18 May reformed regiment (35 officers, 3 doctors, 12 military officers, 53 trainers and 1,505 soldiers).
Administrative regiment was subjected to Northern team, but supply and militarily - Estonian army management. 21 May redeployed to Rūjiena Estonia Division 3 under. 26 May 4 jewelry piekomandēja northern guerrilla regiment (utilities. A.Aparnieks captain), but the same troop of 29 May went to the front.
3 June Regiment held the first battle with the Latvian national guard or Landeswehr ritmeistara H. von Manteuffel-led troop 3 and 2 infantry battalions - the so-called Cesis battles beginning. Cesis of volunteers was formed more ornaments 4, 8 and 9 of jewelry ornaments. June 6, three regiment ornaments in the clashes at Cesis.
Suffering defeat, retreated to the right bank of the Rauna River. 23 June Regiment 1st Company supported the Estonian Army attack Cesis and the city administration. Landeswehr retreated regiment took Ligatne (24.06.), Sigulda (25.06.), Ropažu (27.06.) 29 June Regiment 2 and 3 battalions fought a serious battle with the militia Maza Jugla river right bank. After Strazdumuiža ceasefire jaunformējamajā regiment was included in the Latvian army and 6 July went into the role at Riga. After the reorganization, on 7 August 1919, the regiment was renamed the 5 Cesis Infantry.

In early October 1919, ripens Latvian Provisional Government conflict with Western volunteer army, 5 Cesis Regiment from Riga went Mītavas (both contemporary. Jelgava) direction, pushed Bermontians patrols and taking over territory under its control. 8 October held Regiment (8 and 11 jewels) first armed clash with an opponent. 9 October regiment suffered defeat in the Battle of the Iron Division, resigned on Tornakalns then evacuated to the right bank of the Daugava, which occupied the front sector of the Kuznetsov factory to Salaspils. Regiment landing across the river (15.10.) Was unsuccessful, but 11.11. then it managed to cross the river and defeat the enemy by launching the advancement Plakanciems, Kalnamuiza, Kekavas and Garozas direction. 23:11. reserve regiment sent to Lielvircava and Mazplatones estates area of ​​12.11.
It moved to Mežmuiža and Žagarė areas. On 18 January 1920, the regiment was moved to the front of Latgale, which arrived in late January and early February. In October, the pārdislocēja to Daugavpils garrison service, while 1.11. regiment deployed to the border with Lithuania. In March 1921, the regiment was redeployed to Riga and stationed at the barracks Grīziņkalna.

1940 of 10 July order troop was reformatted, it merged with Ventspils infantry regiment and included the Red Army 24 territorial housing as the 243 Infantry Regiment (Colonel com. V. Knight). Shipping, Handling & Insurance are additional.
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