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Item Number:   1799

Title: Russian Imperial Glass Works NIcholas II Yacht Standart 1895
Price: Available on Request
Size: The Decanter 28 cm (11")



To find a decanter is a difficult task but to find one with the stopper is almost impossible because there were 16 officers and 357 sailors so only 16 officers and the Imperial family used the diner services and if they need about say 6 different plates and the Family is on board so there are 130 plates but how many glasses were then needed, definitely much less so probably 60 and probably 10 or fewer decanters were in use, so how many survived the Revolution, Civil War, WW II and other calamities?
Nicholas II himself was drinking vodka from this glass because there were about 26 officers who drunk from the Glass service and Nicholas II was always among them dining while traveling aboard.
This vodka glass is from a well known Imperial Yacht Standart which was built in 1895 in Copenhagen, Dutch by order of Alexander III and was intended for his own use and should be finished in his birthday 26 February 1895, but he didn't live that long.
In used but very good condition, no cracks or hairlines.
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