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Item Number:   158

Title: 100 years Jubilee of His Majesty Own Convoy 1811-1911 menu-program
Price: Available on Request SOLD
Size: 13” x 25 ” opened 3 pieces



This extremely rare, printed in St. Petersburg 1911, menu and concert program consists of 3 pages, two of them connected by dark red material and folding as a book. The third one is a separate piece that fits inside the first two. Famous Court artist N.Samokish did all illustrations. The event was on 19 May 1911, the dates printed on both dinner menu and music program. The dinner had 8 entries and concert program consists of 8 Convoy’s songs most of which dedicated to the Tsar. The songs performer was a choir of His Imperial 4th Lifeguard Fire-Shooting Family Regiment. The Convoy usually had 400 in peacetime to 600 Kazaks during the wartime. In 1911 there was no war in Russia, so the Convey was about 400 Kazaks. Let’s assume there were some officials and members of Nicholas family invited to the event too, which increase the number of these 3 pieces menu-invitations from 400 to 500 in total. To understand the scarcity of such menus compare to quantity of coronation menus, where 2,200-2,500 gests were invited and dinners were given for more then 20 days in a row. So, chances to have Convoy menu-program is about 80-100 times lesser then get a coronation dinner menu. And how many coronation menus you come across each year? This is it! The rest is up to you. The condition is excellent. Some old stains, but what do you want from 90 years old paper piece. By the way, this might be the piece that some of Romanov Family members have in hands in 19 May 1911, maybe Nicholas II himself. Shipping & Handling and Insurance is $17.00.
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