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Title: Nicholas II Imperial Yacht Standard
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Size: 3.5 inch high



Nicholas II himself was drinking vodka from this glass because there were about 26 officers who drink from the Glass service and Nicholas II was always among them dining while traveling aboard.
This vodka glass is from a well known Imperial Yacht Standard which was built in 1896 in Copenhagen, Dutch by order of Alexander III and was intended for his own use and should be finished in his birthday 26 February 1895, but he didn't live that long.
Not many people know that it is the second imperial yacht named Standard, because there was another one, first Standard, the yacht that was built for Alexander II in Bordo, France in 1858 and was used till 1892. But the name Standard came from the very first Russian battle ship which was built in St. Petersburg during the reign of Peter I in 1703.
Thus there were 3 ships by the same name Standard.

This information you can find in a book about Russian Imperial Yachts, last picture.

I have pieces from the second Standard in my web site too at this address:

There is a chip on the base (last photo) and normal wear from use.

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