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Title: Imperial Yacht ”Polar Star”
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A very rare vodka glass from Imperial Yacht “Polar Star” made by Imperial Glass factory ca 1890.
3” high.
A very tiny chip to base, normal wear from use.

The Imperial Yacht “Polar Star” was built 19 May 1890. In June 1894 the Yacht carried Tsarevich Nicholay Aleksandrovich (late Nicholas II) to London, where he met his bride Princess of Gessen-Darmshtadt Alisa (later his wife Alexandra Feodorovna).
She was a guest, at that time, of her grandmother Queen Victoria. In summer of 1896 Nicholas II and Alexsandra Feodorovna were traveling through Europe.
There, in city Kill they boarded the “Polar Star” and sail to Copenhagen where they visited grandma end grandpa of Nicholas II King and Queen of Denmark.
22 September the Yacht brought Nicholas II and wife to France with official visit.
From1896 till 1914 “Polar Star” was an official Yacht of Impress Maria Feodorovna (mother of Nicholas II).

The Central Revolutionary Committee of Baltic Sea used the Yacht During Revolution in 1917 as their headquarters.
During WW II the Yacht was as a base for Soviet submarines at Baltic See.
In 1960s she became a target-ship for Soviet Navy rockets. That was her end.

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Information about this yacht you can find in the book pictured the last.

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