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Title: Russian Gala Concert & Dinner Menu 300 years Romanov Dynasty 1913
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Size: 9" h x 12" opened



An extremely rare Menu from a Gala Dinner in Honor of 300 years of Romanov Dynasty in Moscow 26 May 1913.
The Concert and Dinner took place at the Nobly Assembly building and it is documented that the whole Romanov family attended the event.
About 2000 noblemen were invited.
The menu is in excellent condition not counting a few stains from tea and vine that were served there.
There is a chance that somebody from Nicholas II family or maybe he himself had this menu in hands, because everyone at the dinner had a menu on table.
The signature of the artist designer of the menu S. Yaguzinsky is on the first page of menu in vertical position in the left lower part.
The last 2 photos represent a book in which this menu mentioned on page 79.

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